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Daffodil Day Run

Chairman's Notes  -  April 2008

Hi Guys

What has happened to the weather? A couple of weeks ago we all thought that ‘Spring had Sprung’ then what do we get but snow! Did you all remember to put your clocks forward? I know that one year Chris and I totally forgot, we had our shop in Bridlington open on a Sunday then and we couldn’t understand why people were outside knocking on the door so early!!!

I am please to say that after my couple of days in hospital I now feel up to speed again, I had to have three weeks off work and I am not the best patient in the world I have to be interfering, so I kept getting told off and sent back to bed. A bit like a naughty child really!!!!

We have finally got our Tornado damage sorted out, the roofs are now sound and water tight so lets hope it doesn’t happen again and they will stay that way.

Its amazing after doing almost nothing with the Minors all winter that events are coming thick and fast and unfortunately some are going to clash, there just aren’t enough weekends in the summer...

I personally have had a lot of enquiries about our Wolds Rally/Camping Weekend, so I am hoping that they are all contacting Steve for entry forms then we should have quite a ‘party’ going on.

Paul has now got his latest ‘pet project’ up and running and on the road. He and Sheena came and gave Chris and me a spin in the ‘bug’ last Sunday. Wow! it was like being on a fairground ride, very, very exhilarating – you know the feeling when you just want to shout and laugh out loud cos it’s fab but kind of scary too? Hopefully the weather will be nice on Sunday for our Daffodil Day Run and then you will all get to see it, it will be very eye catching done up with balloons!

A very nice lady from the Morris Oxford Owners Club rung me and asked if four of their clubs cars could join us in Malton (weather permitting) if it is a nice day I think we will be creating a great spectacle. All the relevant Police Forces have been informed, - informed or warned I don’t know which!

Pebbles will be staying at home, not a happy ‘bunny’ but we can’t take her into the Lion restaurant, and you all know how she likes a chew on a MM sun visor or the odd straw hat! So she is staying with her Uncle Mike and his Jack Russell Sammy (who also kindly posed for the web site in a straw Daffodil bonnet).

Any way talking of balloons I am now going to exercise my lung power and blow a few up for tomorrow. Hopefully I will be able to add a word or two to the web site of how it all went.

Hope to see you all at the meeting Monday night.

Sue & Pebbles x

Daffodil Day Run

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