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Chairman's Notes  -  July 2007

Well we must have broken all records for the wettest June ever. I do know that several of our members have been hit quite hard by all the flooding…….Chris and I have been cut off as well, we only had the odd power black out that didn’t last for long, but I know some of our Branch experienced far worse and are still suffering…………see 2007 Yorkshire Floods click here

Hopefully things will improve now that it is July………..because……..

This is our own Rally month at Sewerby and ofcourse as always all are welcome. Click Here for entry form We have lots of plans in place for our event including a Boules Tournament for the Saturday night so if any of you out there has a set of Boules please bring them along, (there is a Trophy being awarded to the winner/s), also an over 18’s raffle. There is a very friendly pub 200 yards away who serve food and that will welcome dogs. Sunday, and of course Kev and Rich will be providing us with a live gig in the afternoon. Tombolla and Raffle with the Prize Giving taking place around 4pm.

All this not forgetting the Morris Minors that will be on display.

We are also running an open class and we have had quite a show of interest – we may have a vehicle coming that not many of us has seen before at close quarters – so watch this space……….

There is also the Classic American Car Show on the cliff tops and on the Sunday the Sewerby Gala, no one of any age should be bored – come for the weekend or just for the day the choice is yours.

If anyone would like more information on this event you can contact any of our committee members on the contacts page click here and they will be pleased to help you.

For a ‘townie’ I had the most wonderful experience a couple of weeks ago, we have two Owl boxes in one of our barns and we do know that there is a large white Barn Owl that lives with us as we see him quite often. (affectionately now known as Snowy) very original!

Well the other Sunday two very nice chaps came from the Barn Owl Conservation Society to check the boxes, they come round once a year apparently to check on the Owls and make a record of the Barn Owl population – as in some areas they just don’t exist any more, isn’t that sad? – anyway, they invited us to go with them to show us what they do.

We watched as they got a pair of ladders out and climbed on our hay bales to reach the boxes, one of them opened the bottom door on the first box and passed what looked like a big ball of fluff down to his mate, then another, then brought out yet another – well I started to cry – Chris thinks I’m barmy but it was just so emotional…………these beautiful birds – their wonderful faces and intense black unmoving eyes (Barn Owls have no eye movement whatsoever that is why they have 180 degree rotation in the necks) The process of ‘ringing’ was then done, the boxes needed a clean so they were a pair of hands short to hold a chick – I was there like a flash……….this lovely warm little body just laid in my arms looking up at me, she was a little female I was told you could tell this by the spotted feathers under her wing…… have to hold their ankles carefully as their feet are huge and can be lethal if they panic, luckily these were contented very well cared for chicks apparently so there was no problem. (unfortunately we hadn’t got the camera). We put them back to bed and had a look in the opposite box – there were no more chicks but it was plain that the parents used this as a larder to keep food fresh ready to give to the chicks when required. The average life of a Barn Owl is about six years, if a mate dies they go on to take up with another so there is always procreation.

 All very clever of Mother Nature and quite fascinating.

 I will have to look out for my ‘Little Cutie’ because chicks when they become old enough they go off to find their own home. I hope she survives out there and has many, many chicks of her own, she might even end up back here one day………….

There is the 22nd July at Sewerby Hall for Charity,

Don’t forget to make a date in your diary for our Rally 28th & 29th July – hopefully in glorious sunshine…….

Talk next month.

Sue and Pebbles x

Members News............

1am this morning 20th June 2007- our members Paul and Sheena Botterill became the proud Grand Parents of Lorna Maisie - 9lb 4oz - born to Hayley and Adrian 

Paul along with the rest of the Wolds committee had a meeting last night and I am sure that after going through all the frantic phone calls, we are glad to make this announcement!!!


Click to enlarge photo

The proud Grandparents have also been busy polishing their other 'baby' too Morris the Minor who took 3rd prize at Sledmere on 24th June at the NECPWA
 (North East Club for pre-war Austins)




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