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Hi Guys,

While I am writing this you will no doubt all be driving back from the East Coast Run. I am very jealous!!! Chris and I have been stuck inside getting our new offices ‘licked’ into shape, (still a fair way to go). This year the weather has excelled itself. The last time I went on this run I took my Spitfire and on the way to Bridlington Jean Metcalfe and I had to do an emergency stop to put the roof on as it lashed it down!!!!!!!!!!

The last time we had the Pick Up out was to support the Marie Curie fundraising day by the Oxford and Cambridge Club. Unfortunately this also clashed with the Barnsley Rally which we always enjoy, but we had been committed since the end of last year to the Burton Agnes event.

The weather was really good but I think cutting the grass where we were all parked might have been a good idea as it was nearly up to our knees! It was a fantastic turn out of cars, I really don’t know how many but there were rows and rows.

We also discovered that we had had some new members since the end of last year that we didn’t know about……….this was a catalogue of errors, cheque ending up in the wrong place etc. and I quite understand the consternation, but alls well that ends well and we have now got the Pring family on board. I do know that they can’t come to the Treasure Hunt but hopefully everybody will be introduced soon.

The Marie Curie balloons were released from the back of our Pick Up which was quite a spectacle as there were hundreds. I wonder if mine got very far…...

With the better weather it always makes me think about my outdoor space so

I went to buy some plants from a local Nursery the other day only to have my debit card come up as NOT Authorised. Total disbelief and a spot of embarrassment as it was only for £9.99. I ask the very nice young man to put it through again, same out come. Luckily Mike was with me and insisted that I go back to Driffield and to my local Halifax Branch. To be honest at this time I was thinking that there was something wrong with the machine at the nursery…….

No, as it turns out I had enjoyed the Bank Holiday Weekend in Russia living the ‘high life’ spending all my money and totally emptying my bank account…….

My card had been cloned in a certain cash point in Driffield on Bank Holiday Monday teatime. I never use ATMs as a rule, how unlucky can you be? There had also been a lady go into the bank and have the same situation four days before, same cash point as far as we know………..

I am NEVER going to use a cash point again!!!!!! All the relevant people have been informed, Police, Fraud Squad, etc I just hope I get my money back………………….

Now for the nice – we have had another new addition to the ‘Chuck Family’.

The story starts last month with Chris getting an egg incubator………

We have had a hatching – only the one, but oh is it cute……..he/she (haven’t sexed the little feather ball yet) was born a 10.50pm a week ago last Friday. Sheena had been stood with me for about two hours waiting for the event, but like all good babies it waited until she and Paul had gone home!

OB1 as this chick is known (Oh Baby 1) I know, I know, sad, sad, sad…….but anyway it has come on in leaps and bounds, it loves a little fuss and is so tame I am hoping it is a girl because as a cock bird we may have trouble introducing another cock to our existing boys, but if this is the case I am convinced I know of a possible good home……..

Pebbles wants me to tell you all that she has had her last visit to the vets with her poorly eye and thankfully the little ulcer has cleared up nicely – no more nasty drops four times a day, so no more struggling and trauma…… will also save us a fortune in cheese as this was the only ‘sweetner’ she would allow them done for!

Our June meeting is our Treasure Hunt, so I hope tomorrow night is as lovely as it is tonight and we will see you all there.

Sue & Pebbles x

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