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Susanís Scribbles - November 2017

Writing this on a really murky miserable morning, I canít believe how or where this year has gone, not so long and it will be Christmas!!  But before that (I feel like Scarlett OíHara Ė I will think about that tomorrow)! There are other things still to happen. In October Chris and I attended the FBHVC (Federation of British Historic Vehicles Club) Conference and AGM at Gaydon Motor Museum in Warwickshire. The Federation, as they are more commonly known, do an awful lot to fight the classic car owners corner, both in this country and the EU. They may be familiar to you as they were the inspiration behind Drive It Day. (Sunday 22nd April 2018) They take up issues with legislation and DVLA, matters for example that often could threaten the classic car movement. Our area MP Sir Greg Knight is a staunch supporter of the classic car (you may have noticed this by his own collection when we meet him out and about)! A very interesting day. We also have the Classic Car Show at the NEC on 10th 11th and 12th of this month. We are at the moment busy constructing our MMOC stand, along with the rest of the Indoor Events Team, so not only is it a busy lead up, but we have to be there a couple of days before to set everything up. In these days of terrorism, putting on big shows at big venues, the security gets tighter every year and the organisers criteria becomes more onerous for exhibitors and public alike, a good thing really as it would be devastating if anything happened.  Donít forget that our November meeting has been brought forward to 3rd November, 2pm Wetherspoons, Driffield Ė and no actual meeting in December as we have our Christmas Festival in Driffield Market Place on Friday 1st we hopefully have space for six Minors, if you would like to come and join us, can you please contact Fozzie. We will be setting up from about 1pm for the official opening at 2pm.

See you soon. Sue & Lotti xx 

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