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The Royal TV Drama

Web site article by Tim and Pam 'Our moggys claim to fame'.


Chris this all started back in 2006 at Pickering traction engine rally I was asked if I would be interested in using the moggy for some tv /film work . Nothing became of it until a couple of weeks ago when I got a phone call could I get to Scarborough .


Pam and I (Pam was being nosey) duly arrived at the paddock on Olivers mount ready for a 10 am start free breakfast was provided and the car inspected to make sure all was as should be no alloy wheels, furry dice, wrong seats etc even the next service due sticker in the windscreen was verified as period, some of the cars that had been re registered on age related plates had proper plates fitted. After being issued with a 69 tax disc we left in convoy for Holbeck Road to begin the days work which mostly involved hanging around drinking tea and chatting.  Our car was used twice during the day  in drive by scenes. In all there were sixteen  60,s cars on the set which helped to make the day more interesting . Free lunch was provided at 5 pm but Pam an I had to share as it was only one meal per car which I thought was a bit mean but we,ll go prepared next time .



Everyone was very friendly and there was no problem taking photos. Luckily the weather stayed fine but I cant recall ever been so cold for so long. The huge crew must all have patience in bucketfuls as each take was done over and over at different angles until the director was satisfied. The detail in each scene was amazing there was so much going on in the background  it was unbelievable people crossing roads, reading newspapers, pushing prams, walking dogs the timing all had to be just right, we had radio contact with the crew when driving the cars. Next time I watch an episode of THE ROYAL  I will take a lot more notice.


The day ended at 9.30 pm  when we made our weary way home .



Tim and Pam

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